The Salt Room is a treatment room with yellow coloured real salt bricks.

This room also has a with a slightly heated bench for you to relax on whilst in the treatment. The salt room will spray in a very fine mist of salt vapour which will be sprayed into the room intermediately. 

This intermittent spray allows the client to inhale the salt which is sprayed into the air and to receive a rest period in between each spray, this mist will spray for 15 seconds and will then rest for 2 minutes. 

The Salt Room

Maximize your time at theSpa and indulge in the Salt Room

This treatment is an invasive/holistic treatment, so may not be suitable for guests expecting to see any differences straight away. 

Guest that suffer from breathing difficulties such as asthma, sinus problems, airway problems or a smoker have been noted to see a difference in their breathing abilities a few hours after the treatment. This treatment is best combined with a steam or sauna treatment beforehand to help open the lungs.


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