• Sam Adams

    Personal Trainer

"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all”. Thumper, Bambi



I'm an experienced Personal Trainer with over 14 years helping clients reach their true potential and happiness within themselves.

I grew up and started my career in Brighton with a background in sport, mainly cricket and football.  In 2012 I travelled and worked as a trainer in Brisbane, Australia for 3 years before moving back to Brighton.  I have most recently worked in a 12-week transformation studio and an Osteopaths in Brighton & Hove.

Now, I have recently moved to Birmingham and want to share my knowledge and expertise with you.

As a Trainer I specialise in 2 areas:

Body Transformations
If your goal is to lose body fat and/or gain muscle mass or “tone up” why not do it in the most effective way possible?  Stop wasting your time and learn what you really need to do to take you physique to the next level.  Your programmes and nutrition will be structured week to week for the best results possible.
Injury/Pain/Movement Rehab
When was the last time you had painless, fearless, thoughtless movement or exercise? If you have an Injury, persistent aches or pains that are affecting your training and progress then I can help. With posture and movement assessments I can highlight your dysfunctional movement patterns and use corrective exercise to help relieve you of your pain and get you back to your full potential.

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