Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the "ideal weight". Maybe you religiously check your BMI. Or you want to get back to a previous weight. Perhaps you're just waiting until you feel like 'you'. However you define it, the ideal weight is personal to each individual. Our Personal Trainer, Richard, tackles this subject in his latest article.

If you're reading this blog it's most likely because you're making the effort to lose that extra weight that's crept up on you over the years.

But one of the questions that you might have now is:

"How much should I weigh?"

Some say to use Body Mass Index (BMI), with others believing it's utterly pointless and you're better off plucking out some arbitrary number and going with that.

Then there's that figure on the sad step and there's also the weight at which you feel "just right".

But which one is correct?

Let's be honest. The journey to losing weight is already a difficult one, with more obstacles than a tough mudder course. In reality, the above question is one that you could really do without.


What do you want to weigh?

In this modern-day society, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But not everyone's opinion is the correct one. Your friends, family and work colleagues might have an extremely well-constructed argument on what your ideal weight should be, but it only comes down to one thing...


Simply put. Your definition is what matters.

Most of us have a happy weight. That weight where you're comfortable in your own clothes, you don't hate the mirror every time you see your own reflection, you're happy when you're at the gym and you don't deny yourself that cake Tracy brought in to work for her birthday.

You see, your ideal weight is highly individual. Circumstances, context and goals are so varied, pinpointing your ideal weight using a predefined chart or calculation is rarely going to hit the mark.


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