Yoga is one of the world’s most popular workouts, but many would be surprised to know it’s helpful for any one, no matter what your training for, ranging from professional footballers to office workers.

Yoga is a full body workout, with some of the advanced positions being quite challenging (but don’t worry, our instructors will always offer you different options!). It is a great way to build strength in your core, legs and arms, meaning over time, you can challenge yourself with the more difficult poses as you get stronger.

Yoga is great for stress relief, with the combination of stretching, breathing and meditation helping you relax and switch off from the pressures of work or home life. Yoga is also known to help reduce tension, anxiety and stress through breath control, meaning your heart rate will come down making you feel calmer.

One of the major benefits of practicing Yoga is that it helps your muscles recover. Taking part in Yoga on an ‘Active Rest Day’ (having a day off the treadmill or squat rack) will allow your muscles to relax and fibres repair gently.

Yoga is also great for improving flexibility. An increased range of movement will benefit your training whether you are weight training or taking part in other classes, and also help reduce the chance of injury.

We run Yoga classes throughout the week, check out our timetable here for more information!

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