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To repent for our gluttonous sins I Choose Birmingham is embarking on a fitness crusade care of the Cube’s Club & Spa.

With weekly updates you can either join us and shed some pounds / tone up, or simply laugh along as we relay weekly, and in grave detail, our attempts to shift calories quicker than we’re taking them on.

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I have bad news. And by bad news I mean news that's utterly indifferent to you, but borderline devastating for me. I've put on weight. I was down to 79.7kg as we entered February and the moment I waved goodbye to the healthy living of January, I've gone and ballsed it all up. And do you know what I blame? Gin. 

And laziness.

Mainly laziness.

I reckon I've reduced my gym going by about 50% in the last fortnight and the fat has been frustratingly fast at letting me know it. Panicking having seen the scales, I decided to cycle to spin class last Sunday. In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: "Big mistake. Huge." It seems that Sunday is a 'serious' spin session and the 30 minute cycle either side made the whole experience considerably tougher, particularly as the instructor chose this week to introduce 'spin squats' - a grotesque Devil's work that involves doing a bastardised press-up, while cycling. It's as ungainly as it sounds and considerably more demanding. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to the other four people in the class that had to witness that.

I'm not apologising to the instructor, though. That man's evil.


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