Here at theclubandspa Birmingham, we have a number of very talented Personal Trainers. Perhaps you're thinking of hiring one of them but are unsure of the benefits of personal training. Hiring an expert to advise and support you on your journey to reach your fitness goals is a big decision. Read on, as our own Richard Sellers lays out the 5 best reasons to hire a Personal Trainer, and how to find the right person for you.

Everyone, including you, has a different reason for visiting or joining a gym, some of you will go it alone, whilst some of you will be weighing up the options of hiring a coach.

Coaches offer a number of unique benefits and can be the difference between achieving your fitness goal that has just been out of reach. This could include the ambition of losing weight, losing body fat, increase muscular size or just generally feel more healthy.

However, hiring a coach is an investment and one that many are unsure of what to expect from. So if you have been thinking of hiring a coach but are unsure, let's cover a number of reasons why you should.


01. You Don't Know Where To Start / New To The Gym

Starting off in the gym can be a complicated and intimidating experience, in which we see around 80% of new gym-goers in the new year not make it past the second week in February!

With so many types of equipment and an ever-growing world of conflicting information at our fingertips, it is understandably hard to know what sort of routine(s) are best for you.

Hiring a coach can help you identify exactly what you want to gain from being at the gym. From this, they can create a completely tailored programme, as well as taking into consideration the following:

The Right Activities/Exercises for you - Maybe you don't know what would work your body, the schedule you should be on or even the equipment that is available.

Understanding The Basics Of A Programme - A coach can help guide you in how to start and how much exercise you can handle at first. They will teach you the aspects of frequency, intensity, time, and why you are doing the type of workouts you are doing and how and why to manipulate those elements over time.

Help You With Your Schedule - This can often get just as confusing as what to actually do in the gym. A coach can help you go through your calendar and figure out when you can work out and what you will do on those days you not working alongside a coach. This will help you maximise your time while keeping you within your own abilities and limits.

This will save you hours of wasted time spent working on ineffective plans and help you see results more efficiently and effectively.


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