The most popular Massage we do at The Club and Spa is our Elemis Swedish Massage also known as Garden of England Rose restore. This is a massage designed to relax the whole body whilst hydrating and soothing the skin with our Elemis Rose balm, our Therapists use Light to medium pressure.

Deep Tissue is similar to Swedish massage however we use a much firmer pressure, in doing so this relaxes muscle tension. Our Therapists focus on the deeper layers of the muscle to really work the tension out of the body.

Hot Stone Massage is also used to relive muscular tightness and help you relax, our therapists also practice placements of the stones on the body to relive tension, these are placed on key energy points on the body. The heat of the stones warms up the body and slowly releases energy from the muscles.

All of our massages are performed with a specific Elemis Oil dependant on what your concerns are, my favourite oil to work with is Cellutox. Amazing for tension whilst added benefits help to detox and cleanse the body and improve the appearance of Cellulite. With lemon and juniper essential oils this is sure to be uplifting and stimulating. Find out more about our full range of massages here.

Jennifer Butters, Spa Manager

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