The rasul is a traditional Arabian cleansing treatment which combines health-enhancing properties of heat, steam and mud.  The treatment is a relaxing skin conditioning treatment in a completely private environment. There are no therapists involved which means once you have applied the mud to your skin, you are left to drift into deep relaxation!

The rasul is also highly beneficial - using the mud with the combination of heat and steam gives the body time to relax and release any toxins when you sweat. The mud also helps to soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as cleansing the body and leaving the skin feeling soft and clean! The heat and steam encourage blood flow around the body, improving circulation and also helps with aches and pains in the muscles. It really does have so many benefits!!

We have two rasul treatment rooms at The Spa, which can fit groups of just two to parties of six. It’s the perfect option for groups of friends looking to have a bit of fun, or couples looking to really unwind and relax.

View our Rasul Spa Day offers here.

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