How are you losing weight? When the body doesn't have enough calories, there are a few things it can burn to get the energy we need to carry on with our lives. Our Personal Trainer Richard is here to make sure you know how to burn fat - and nothing else.

Do you really want to lose weight?

If you answered yes to this question, what would you think if I told you that you might be wrong in thinking that?

Losing weight and losing body fat are two completely different processes, therefore resulting in two different outcomes.

So what is weight loss?

Weight loss is defined as a decrease in body weight resulting from either voluntary or involuntary circumstances. In most instances, weight loss will arise due to the loss of body fat, but in cases of extreme or serve weight loss, it can be depleted from muscle, body fat, water and other substances in the body.

Individuals who are voluntary losing weight through a diet typically use the scale as their only gauge of track. Unfortunately, individuals who focus solely on weight loss and tracking the number on the scale, have no real clear understanding of what they are losing.

The goal to a successful weight loss journey is to preserve as much muscle as possible or even gain some, whilst at the same time lose as much body fat as possible.

So what is fat loss?

In it's simplest term, it is the portion of the body that consists of fat. Body fat (Adipose Tissue) is normal and serves the important function of storing energy as fat for metabolic demands. Obesity is the result of excess body fat, which in turn leads to impairments on health.

Your body fat percentage, on the other hand, is a value that tells you how much of your body weight is made up of fat. In terms of your overall health, your body fat percentage can be one of the most useful numbers available to you, much more than how much you weigh and even more so than your BMI. Your body fat percentage is the key indicator of your success, not the scale.


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