Thanks to incredibly popular British reality TV shows such as Love Island! According to June Jensen, Director of UK Beauty at NPD, the Love Island guys are a representation of the modern men today.

“It’s ok to take care of yourself, to look groomed, smart, tanned and toned. The prestige men’s grooming market has certainly benefitted from this trend as we have seen some dramatic increases in the growth of men’s face masks and men’s body care such as cleansers and exfoliators."

Male grooming is no longer a niche thing, it’s a necessity and men all over the world want to look fantastic at any age! At the Spa Birmingham we are fully aware that pampering and Spa days aren’t all about women, let’s face it, soap and water just don’t cut it anymore!

If your new to this, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up our top tips and current favourites to ensure you feel and look your best.

  1. Facials – because who doesn’t love smooth skin?

Facials provide a huge range of skincare benefits; they are fantastic soothing treatments for irritated skin caused by shaving. They are also great pre-shave prep as they smooth skin and bumps for an easier shave. Not to mention are incredibly relaxing and provide a noticeable difference to your complexion!

Jennifer Butters, Spa Manger explains: “Men have completely different skin to women; it’s thicker and produces more oil so naturally requires a different skincare regime. At thespa, Birmingham our facials take into account the special needs of male skin, delivering results you can feel and see.

We are offering 15% off all male facial treatments this August! Just quote MAN SPA when booking.”

  1. Products – unsure where to start when it comes to a beauty regime?

Elemis have created specially formulated grooming products, separating the men from the boys. Our top picks this month are the all new Superfood range, the theory is – what’s good for your body is good for your skin!

The Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea mist is bang on trend, providing a refreshing and instant pick me up when you most need it. Face mists are often overlooked and underrated in a skincare regime, but are a MUST in the hot weather! They provide an added boost of moisture throughout the day and deliver high powered ingredients for a boost of energy. 

The Elemis Superfood Facial Wash contains Supergreen ingredients which all work to cleanse the skin after a long day. Paired with the Superfood Night Cream both will work to restore skin balance overnight with ingredients which promote a restful sleep. 

  1. MAN-icures & Pedicures – they aren’t just for girls!

Regardless of gender, people notice dirty nails, so it’s important to look after them! Manicures and pedicures aren’t just for women, they have become an essential for men too.

For guys whose hands and feet are constantly blistering due to nails growing awkwardly, you’re also a prime candidate for a manicure or pedicure. After all, there’s a reason celebs’ like David Beckham receive a weekly pedicure and manicure!

  1. Massages – relax and de-stress…

Massages are wonderfully relaxing and ideal for de-stressing the body and mind. Massages provide a wide range of benefits including improved circulation and release of deep muscle tension. Our luxury treatments are perfect for pampering but also super effective for those needing a regular pick-me-up.

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