When training, many people think free weights and resistance weights (the ‘machine weights’) are only for ‘bulking up’, however, there are amazing benefits for everyone that come with lifting weights, no matter what your training goal!

1. Burning Body Fat

Lifting weights is a great way to burn fat! You will increase your lean body mass, which means you will burn more calories throughout the day.

Lifting weights will help to improve your metabolism, meaning you will keep burning calories throughout the day. Perfect to hear if you train in the morning and work in an office, as you will be burning calories at your desk!

2. It’s great for Core Strength 

Movements such as squats and deadlifts require you to engage and keep a strong core throughout meaning you are working your abdominal muscles as-well.

3. Your Cardio will get better!

By strengthening your core, arms, and legs, other areas of your training will improve such as swimming and running.

Stronger muscles mean a stronger performance, which could be the difference between your current and personal best time on the treadmill!

4. Improved Mental State

The results of lifting weights aren’t just physical, it is also great for improving your mental state and mood. Endorphins are released which are hormones that fight stress, keeping your brain alert and focused. Perfect to help juggle the pressures of work and not letting them overcome you!

Lifting weights can also build confidence, not just by pushing yourself to go that little bit heavier, but how you feel in clothes and how things fit and feel.

5. It’s great for Ladies!

While It is possible for females to build a body builder physique, the female body produces much less testosterone than men do, meaning it’s a-lot harder to get to that ‘bulky’ look.

By lifting weights, you feel will stronger and it will help your muscles feel more defined, without the risk of getting bulky or bigger!

If you would like more help with how to use any of our resistance or free weights, contact me on: neil.leedham@theclubandspabirmingham.com and I can arrange a free session with one our Personal Trainers.

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