Ladies, it's about time we dispelled some of the ridiculous myths around women's weight training. Our personal trainer, Richard, shares his top tips for beginners and explains why getting started is often the hardest part.

I think most women have been in this position before... you get into the weights section of the gym and you're the only woman there. Towered by the shadows of the guys that surround you.

You don't want to do anything wrong or feel like your every move is being watched, so you shy away and head back to the parts of the gym that you feel comfortable in.

What doesn't help either is women's weight training is full of myths and confusion.

"It will make me bulky"

"The big weights are for men only"

"x1000 reps of kickbacks to grow that peach"

"Insert some common trope about becoming the incredible hulk if they even look or breathe in the direction of a heavy dumbbell"

Lifting and the very notion of being physically powerful and strong aren't traditionally associated with the aspect of being feminine.

However... from my experience of coaching women, it is the complete opposite. It's the feeling of being strong and seeing what their body can really do which really motivates them to start and ultimately keep going.

Rather than making you bulky, weight training in combination with some cardio is one of the most effective ways to maintain body fat to muscle ratio. When you develop more muscle mass, you naturally burn more calories per day, which makes managing body fat easier.

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