Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is a luxurious range of anti-aging all natural skin care with organic ingredients, which have been developed for a radiant floorless complexion and to help skin conditions from blemishes to eczema. Deborah began her career as a beauty therapist creating her own all natural and all organic product range to accompany her signature beauty treatments over 25 years ago. With Deborah inventing ABEETOXIN, natures answer to Botuilinum toxin. Heaven has become the skin care brand of celebrities and Royalty.

  • Price: £65
  • Duration: Treatment Time:60 Minutes

Bee Sting Facial

This unique facial has been specially created using natural and organic ingredients to increase collagen, reduce sun damage and pigmentation, combined with Deborah's own massage techniques to provide an instant anti-aging effect, leaving you looking and feeling instantly younger.

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  • Price: £119
  • Duration: Treatment Time:90 Minutes

Bee Slim Ritual

This Ritual includes Heaven’s most renowned facial, Bee Sting facial and the latest BeeSlim body treatment for an experience that will leave you with a total sublime sense of relaxation and well-being.
A combination of a natures answer to Botox for the face, skin exfoliating and lymph drainage body massage aiming to detox, slim, contour and tone.


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  • Price: £45
  • Duration: Treatment Time: 30 Minutes

Bee Peel

Bee Flawless! 
BeePeelTM, containing the patented adaptogen ingredient; ABEETOXIN® resurfaces to brighten and illuminate your skin, eradicating lines, scars, dullness, blemishes, and enlarged pores.
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  • Price: £50
  • Duration: Treatment Time: 45 Minutes

No Problem Facials

These are professionally prescribed facials using natural and organic ingredients to help normalise stressed and sensitised skin, all with the added signature anti ageing from Heaven Skincare, resulting in a dewy, glowing complexion. And each facial also has a corresponding home care kit, so you can continue getting perfect results daily.
Bee Rosy - Helps rosacea. Maybe you’re a little too rosy, with little red pimples, and sometimes extreme dryness, here’s Heaven’s answer for porcelain skin.
Bee Free - Maybe you have oily skin, pimples and open pores? This facial will see that oil turns into a glow in no time at all. 
Bee Calm - Helps eczema. Maybe your skin feels dry and sore, flaky and itchy? This will calm the skin down in no time! 
Bee Rich - Do you always have tight skin? With a feather touch this facial will deeply hydrate and let the real you shine through.
Bee Posh - Is psoriasis making your skin flaky? This Heaven facial will smooth them away and leaves you as fresh as a daisy. 
Bee Spotless - Acne? No thank you, but great skin starts with great skincare, let this facial be the first step to the airbrushed complexion you’ve always wanted.
Bee Healed - Are you a sensitive soul? Does your skin get pink, itchy or rash? Let us give you an angelic touch to end your sensitivity and make your skin smile.
Bee Revitalised - Are you a lucky person with completely normal skin? Keep your skin on the straight and narrow with this anti-ageing facial. Prevention is better than cure! 
Bee Fresh - Is life taking its wear and tear on your skin? Are the lines creeping in? No time like the present to improve this with Heaven and see that youthful glow bounce back.
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  • Price: £85
  • Duration: Treatment Time: 60 Minutes

Dream Facial

The ultimate un-wind. Through the use of a specific massage the brainwave patterns are taken down from the active alpha state, to beta and sometimes even result in the client falling asleep, to the delta-wave dream state, where true self-healing can occur.

The use of the wondrous natural Heaven products increases the relaxation, and the client wakes up in a total state of well being, with a completely refreshed complexion.

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